New hotfix available to fix PowerShell connector issue in FIM 2010 R2

A hotfix rollup package (build 1.0.419.911 ) is available for Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager 2010 R2. This hotfix rollup package resolves a PowerShell connector issue and adds one feature as well as new functionality. These additions are described in the “More Information” section of the article below. For all the latest details and a down load link, please see the following: KB3008179 – A hotfix rollup (build 1.0.419.911) is available for a PowerShell connector issue ( http://support…(read more)

New FIM 2010 R2 hotfix for the WebServices connector

A hotfix rollup package is available for Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager 2010 R2. This hotfix rollup package resolves some WebServices connector issues and adds some features as well as new functionality. These are described in the article below. For all the latest details and a down load link, please see the following: KB3008178 – A hotfix rollup (build 1.0.419.911) is available for the WebServices connector ( ) J.C. Hornbeck | Solution Asset PM | Microsoft…(read more)

Azure Mobile Services prompts you for a username and password

So you’ve built and deployed your first Azure Mobile Service. Awesome! then you get prompted for a username and password and you can’t use your new mobile service! The good news is that this is by design and being that it is by design, there is an appropriate and easy way to deal with it. The reason for it is security pure and simple and the information needed to get past it is available to you.

To start with, you have a mobile service in Azure that looks like the following:


Figure 1: Mobile Service Dashboard

Clicking the highlighted link takes you to this page:


Figure 2: Mobile Service entry page

Clicking the Try it out button brings you to the username/password dialog. Looking back at the mobile services dashboard you’ll see the Manage Keys button at the bottom of the screen as shown in Figure 3.


Figure 3: Manage Keys

Click the button and then copy either the primary or secondary key. Now, click the Try me button and when the username/password dialog is displayed, paste the key into the password field (leave the username field blank) and click OK. And voila you get to the service as shown in Figure 4.


Figure 4: The working mobile service

Screen keyboard-friendly WPA2 Key Generator

  • WPA2 is currently the most secure type of Wifi/WLAN encryption.
  • To connect a device to an access point (AP), you use a WPA2 key or passphrase.
  • The key can be up to 64 chars hexadecimal or 63 chars alphanumeric + special chars.
  • There are many online key generators.
  • The problem is that they don’t take into account mobile devices.
  • Entering 63-64 characters using a screen keyboard that you have to repeatedly switch between uppercase, lowercase, numbers and special characters is very tedious.
  • This generator lets you specify the maximum number of times to switch the screen keyboard.
  • The letter O and the number 0 are excluded to avoid confusion.
  • WARNING: Provided “as is”. Use at your own risk. No warranties of any kind.


8 chars/64 bits (Minimum/lowest security)20 chars/160 bits (Medium security)63 chars/504 bits (Maximum/highest security)

Open Data in Education–Sydney Open Data Day


Two of our partners, Socrata (based in Seattle, they’re an organisation with deep expertise in open data) and Altis (a Sydney-based data  specialist who have completed a huge range of data projects with Australian education organisations) are running the “Sydney Open Data Day” briefing on 6 November, with a special focus on education data.

Sydney Open Data Day

The briefing is a fast-paced hour, at 11AM on Thursday 6th November, at Australia Technology Park (in Eveleigh) Sydney. It’s an opportunity to learn about open data initiatives and programs in NSW and the US. During the session, Rustum Abdurahman of the NSW Department of Education & Communities will discuss how Open Data helps to: 

  • Break down data silos by making data available and consumable 
  • Streamline access and understanding of data for citizens and internal stakeholders
  • Publish the NSW Centre for Education Statistics and Evaluation open data, for use and innovation by the developer community

Keynote Speakers

Rustum will be joined by Kate Harrington, Strategic Policy NSW Open Data, & Chris Rieth, former director of Open Data and Open Performance for the State of Maryland. Chris and Kate will be sharing their experiences implementing and managing an open data initiative.

For an idea of the kind of Australian data that’s published through the Socrata system, take a look at the NSW CESE Datahub (where they publish data such as school lists, school locations, student enrolments, and even a list of school calendar websites) and the City of Melbourne Open Data hub (where there’s data like the locations of public artwork, bins, public transport routes, and even parking sensor data – but unfortunately no education data yet)

Make a dateHope to see you there: Register for the Sydney Open Data Day on 6th November

Reimagine Sydney – a briefing about change and digital disruption

There’ still an opportunity to register to attend the Reimagine event in Sydney on 29 October, at the Royal Hall of Industries from 9AM-12:30PM

The briefing isn’t just for education customers, and offers a learning opportunity from the experiences of transformation happening in other industries.


The briefing will cover the Microsoft vision for platform and productivity – how we will empower people and organisations to do more and achieve more. But technology is only part of the story, because as the impact of technology changes so does the role of IT itself. And the IT people within an organisation become responsible for a digital transformation, and working with others to support the cultural change that technology enables (and requires!).

This challenge exists with every organisation, whether it’s a big bank, an electricity company, or an education organisation like a school or university. And so we’re seeing new job roles emerging – like Chief Digital Officer and VP of Student Experience. These new roles are often being filled by people with a deep understanding of technology, backed by the skills to effectively manage visionary change.

At the event, three invited speakers will share their stories of change:

  • Sean Elwick, Head of Information Services at Aurecon, will share his view on the disruption to the role of IT, and how he personally lobbies for digital change within his organisation.
  • Anthony Stevens, Director of IT Operations from KPMG, will share how their business has empowered its people to be more mobile, more responsive and more productive in order to create great experiences for their customers.
  • Belinda Thompson, BDO’s Chief Information Officer, will share how the company is using the cloud to support its people and better connect with its customers – and what it all means for her team’s relationship with the business.

To find out more and register for either of the Reimagine events, then use the links below:

Make a date

Register for Reimagine in Sydney on 29 October

Brisbane Startup Meetup + Queensland MIC SCRUM are joining

As most of you would know, we’ve got startup networking drinks at the Queensland Microsoft Innovation Centre (MIC) next Friday afternoon from 5.30pm -

But things just got even better, the MIC will be holding their SCRUM at the same time!

Shakeel Yusuf, the Senior Manager for R&D Incentives for PWC,  will be joining the combined MIC Scrum/Startup Drinks to discuss the Federal Government’s R&D Tax Incentive that startups can take advantage of. If you’re interested in learning how you can take advantage of the incentives available make sure you join us next Friday!

Please register here for catering purposes –